28 August 2017

Nika-Tera port started transshipment of a new type of cargo

Ника-Тера_Маслоперевалочный комплекс_5


Nika-Tera sea terminal (Nika-Terra Sea Specialized Port LLC is part of Group DF port business) has begun transshipment of a new type of cargo – vegetable oils. This was reported by the press office of Group DF.


“We are putting into operation a new cargo area (No. 4), specializing in the handling of liquid bulk cargo. In September, we plan to take the first batch of sunflower oil, further develop the transshipment of oils from other crops, such as rapeseed and soybeans, Natalia Dvornik, Chairman of Nika-Tera LLC commented. – Currently, this complex is one of the most modern and technologically advanced in Ukraine. The handling capacity of the transshipment complex is estimated at 500 K tons of liquid cargo per year, but in our plans is further increase of its capacity”.


According to the Head of Nika-Tera port Alim Agakishyev, transshipment of vegetable oils is a promising direction for the port.


“Ukrainian farmers continue to increase the volume of oil exports. According to the forecasts, the transshipment of this product will be growing, – the top manager added. – In addition, agrarians and traders, who are already our key customers for grain transshipment, also work in the segment of vegetable oils. Therefore, the launch of a separate oil transshipment terminal will provide us a competitive advantage by making Nika-Tera a more multi-purpose port by expanding the range of goods processed”. 


Due to its geographical location, Nika-Tera also has an additional market advantage over other ports. “Ports of Mykolayiv are in a more favorable geographical position compared to the ports of the “Big Odessa”. Therefore, the difference in the delivery price of a ton of oil by motor transport and in some cases by rail to Mykolayiv from the areas which are traditionally leaders in growing sunflower can reach several dollars. This is very important for cargo owners”, Alim Agakishyev said.


Currently, there are three more specialized cargo areas in the Nika-Tera port, in addition to the oil transshipment complex. They include a grain complex, a fertilizer transshipment complex and a bulk cargo handling facility for open storage.