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NIKA-TERA port started supplying the equipment necessary to withstand COVID-19 to the medical institutions of Mykolayiv

Specialized Sea Port NIKA-TERA LLC, a member of Group DF owned by Dmytro Firtash, purchased and transferred the first batch of medical equipment and individual protective gear to the medical institutions of Mykolayiv, namely three Mykolayiv city hospitals No. 1, No 3, No. 5, the Mykolayiv maternity hospital No. 1 and the Regional center for treatment of infectious diseases.

The company supplied mobile bactericidal irradiators, special protective suits, multi-functional beds, individual protective gear, respirators, masks, mobile lamps for decontamination of corridors and medical wards, thermometers, pulse oximeters used to determine the level of oxygen in the blood and other necessary means and tools.

– We, as a socially responsible company try to support as much as possible the doctors and medical workers of Mykolayiv. Medical institutions approached us and we responded to their requests fast. That was only the first tranche of assistance. In the near future, we will deliver to the doctors 23 oxygen concentrators that are necessary for connection to the artificial lungs ventilators.   Aside from that, we will supply special filters and other “consumables” required to ensure the reliable operations of the diagnostic equipment and artificial lungs ventilators”, – says Alim Agakishiev, Harbormaster, SSP NIKA-TERA, – We do everything to save lives. It is of the highest value.

 We have a long standing friendship with SSP NIKA-TERA, they always help us and not only during the hard times. They are constantly interested in our problems and needs and provide the necessary support. At present, during these hard times, when the whole country is experiencing a coronavirus infection, the seaport came to the rescue again, offering an invaluable assistance, – says Ms. Olena Terentieva, Chief Medical Officer, Mykolayiv city hospital No. 5.  

Last week, the sea port joined efforts with Mykolaiv Regional Clinical Hospital and the Mykolayiv Maternity Hospital No. 1 to repair the artificial lungs ventilators.

NIKA-TERA shareholder and company management responded to our written request for assistance. We very much appreciate the assistance of the seaport, as our maternity hospital is the only medical institution in the region and in the city that receives pregnant women in case the coronavirus is detected in the patient, – said Yevgen Volokhov, Chief Medical Officer, Mykolayiv Maternity Hospital No. 1.  We have already started using a portable port lamp for decontamination of corridors and medical wards delivered by the seaport representatives. We also sincerely appreciate the thermometers, pulse oximeters used to determine the level of oxygen in the blood and other necessary means and devices.”

According to Ms. Svitlana Fedorova, Director, Regional Center for Treatment of Infectious Diseases, thanks to the seaport and its management  they managed to build up sufficient stocks of medicines, equipment and protective gear in case of the worst-case scenario.

That is why the support from the seaport is very important for us at the moment. Now, we are well prepared and equipped. We very much appreciate the care products for patients and individual protective gear for our doctors and medical workers, and for the special beds that we will install already today in the ward,said Ms. Svitlana Fedorova.

Mr. Alim Agakishiev called on the medium and big businesses to continue their support to the medical institutions of the city and the region.