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NIKA-TERA port completes modernization of second cargo area

Specialized Sea Port NIKA-TERA LLC, a member of Group DF, completed another milestone of modernization of the second cargo area specializing in handling bulk cargo. In particular, the port has completed the construction and commissioned the modern berthing and weighing facility.


The new weighing facility consists of two technological lines. Each one of them has the maximum capacity of up to 1800 m3 per hour.


Installation of shore bunker scales was carried out without interruption of the main technological process of loading of vessels thanks to the individually developed design and a unique assembly technique. Having finished the construction of the berthing and weighing facilities, the company actually completed the conversion of the second cargo area for transshipment of cereals and meal. Previously, this cargo area specialized exclusively in handling the mineral fertilizers.


The new berthing and weighing facility has passed the necessary tests and certification by the National Research Center “Institute of Metrology”.

According to Mr. Alim Agakishiev, Harbormaster, SSP NIKA-TERA, investments in the second cargo area allowed to significantly increase the port’s throughput capacity, increasing the overall potential of the enterprise.  The new weighing facility allows to carry out weighing of agricultural cargoes faster and more accurately during their transshipment to water transport.


Construction of the weighing facility is a part of the large-scale technical upgrade program for seaport cargo areas. Reconstruction of the second cargo area was carried out in stages, starting in 2017 and included: conversion of warehouses for mineral fertilizers to store cereals and meal, construction of two off-loading stations for trucks, modernization of off-loading station for railway cars, and also installation of a berthing and weighing facility.


In total, the port shareholder invested over UAH 40 million in the upgrade of the Cargo area No. 2.


Previously, onshore bunker scales operated only in the first cargo area, that specializes in grain handling. After the conversion of the second district, it is possible to simultaneously weigh and load four vessels with grain cargo at different berths.


“We are building a modern port that meets the best international practices. Dmytro Firtash, the company’s shareholder, continues to invest significant resources in the company. Investments allow us to increase the seaport capacity and throughput, help improve the quality of service,” commented Alim Agakishiev. – The cost of the new berthing and weighing facility is about USD 1 million and its specifications meet all the rules of the The Grain and Feed Association(GAFTA) [1]. We value the trust of our customers and continue to develop the port to meet their requirements.”

Seaport consists of 4 specialized facilities (cargo areas): grain handling facility, fertilizers, cereals and meal handling facility, loose cargo handling facility with ground storage and liquid bulk cargo handling facility.


The seaport is located in the Mykolaiv region near the Black Sea (on the left bank of the Bug estuary) and has 8 commercial berths, with the total length of about 1900 m.


In 2019, the seaport handled 410 vessels and transshipped 8,637,000 t of cargo. Compared to 2018, the turnover grew by 2,800,000 t or 48%. In Q1 2020, the port’ handled 1.87 million tons of cargo, which is by 1.5% more than during the same period in 2019.


Since the fall of 2011, the seaport became a part of Group DF that invested more than UAH1.5 B in its development.  Investments allowed the company to significantly increase its capacity: grain elevator capacity went up from 40,000 t to 300,000 t. At the moment, the volume of grain storage totals 515,000 t. The major investment projects included the construction of a modern silo-type elevator and own railway facility, the launch of bulk cargo transshipment facility, increase of the berthing front, as well as continuous expansion and upgrade of the service yard and storage facilities.