28 January 2016

Nika-Tera investment amounted to UAH 235.7 million in 2015

The company managed to handle 4.2 million tons of cargo in 2015 as a result of the investment and operational reorientation to new traffic flows and 235.7 million hryvnia invested to Nika-Tera terminal (Nika-Tera LLC, part of Group DF).


The largest investment projects included the Project for the creation a medium-pressure gas pipeline, which allowed to launch a grain drying system and dehumidifier at urea warehouse, as well as the Project for the construction a special gallery at the grain terminal, which allowed to load two ships at the grain terminal mooring simultaneously. In addition, the port continued to implement the Project for the capacity increase and pass-through function at the terminal. In particular, the  berthage was increased, the basin dredging was carried out, conveying galleries were modernized and a new equipment was bought (trucks, transporters, sampling equipment, mobile conveyors «Telestack»). Also, several large warehouses were renovated and a new fire station was built in 2015.


Nika Tera 3


Due to the rapid reorientation to new traffic flows, the company managed to fulfill the 2015 business plan and to minimize potential losses, associated with significant changes in cargo traffic in key commodity markets for the terminal.


In 2015, Nika-Tera handled 236 ships and overloaded 4.2 million tons of cargo. The transshipment of grain crops prevailed in the structure of total turnover volume in 2015 and aggregated 55.3% (2 324.2 K tons), bulk cargo amounted to 28.5% (1 196.8 K tons), mineral fertilizers – 15.8 % (664.5 K tons), general cargo – 0.4% (14.7 K tons). Transshipment of transit cargo, compared to the last year, has increased by 19% (up to 777.1 K tons). The cargo shipped in wagons for further transportation by rail amounted to 14.2K tons. The transshipment of export cargo has decreased by 10% (to 3 227.2 K tons), import fell by 27% (to 181.6 K tons).


«Since 2011, UAH 1.168 billion were invested to Nika-Tera in total, of which UAH 235.7 million were invested in 2015. Thanks to the timely investment, even in the conditions of falling economy the company manages to maintain high transshipment volumes. Business is maneuvering skillfully. For example, in 2015 we have learned how to align our capacity with changing customer demand: we managed to replace the cargo with falling flow with the cargo of another nomenclature», said Alexandr Haydu, Сhairman of Nika-Tera LLC.


According to the manager of the terminal, one of the new warehouses, originally aimed for storing urea, was quickly reoriented to store corn. Another example: the reduction of coal transshipment volumes was compensated by higher volumes of refractory clay processing.


Last year, the terminal also started handling more barley. Timely large-scale investment into grain silos storages have enabled to place in the warehouses three different crops simultaneously – corn, wheat and barley.


In 2013 – 2015, Nika-Tera  built a new grain silos elevator – 18 silos with a capacity of 170 K tons were built. Due to the project execution, the total capacity of the port grain storages of the port has increased more than five-fold – from 40 to 250 K tons.