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NIKA-TERA seaport made it to the list of the major charities of Mykolayiv region

Specialized seaport NIKA-TERA is among the biggest charities of Mykolayiv region following the 2019 Charities of Mykolayiv region competition. The announcement was made during the award ceremony that took place at the Mykolayiv Academic Art Theater of Russian Drama.


2019 Charities of Mykolayiv region competition is a regional round of 2019 Charitable Ukraine national competition. The purpose of the competition is to support and develop effective socially oriented charity and volunteering in Ukraine by publicly stimulating the best philanthropists and volunteers, their organizations and practices. This competition has been held by the Association of Philanthropists of Ukraine for more than 10 years now and consists of two rounds: regional and national. During the regional round, the winners are determined at the regional and interregional levels. During the second stage, i.e. the national round, the winners are determined at the national level. The winners of the competition were selected by the National Expert Council as well as the involved experts who possess appropriate qualifications and experience in the field of charity.

This year 41 representatives from Mykolayiv region were nominated to the regional round of the competition. During the award ceremony the best patrons and philanthropists, volunteers from Mykolayiv region were decorated by the National Expert Council. The Organizers of the competition presented the winners with Angel of Good ceramic statuettes and Certificates of Merit to the runners-up in each nomination. The winners were decided in 5 nominations: Charity in Defense of Ukraine, Regional Charity, Charity in Social Sector, Philanthropist of the Year and People’s Philanthropist. NIKA-TERA was awarded as a Regional Charity.


“We are honored to be among the philanthropists of the region.  It is very important for us that the social activities of our company were once again recognized by the Organizers of the competition, -commented Mr. Alim Agakishiev, Harbor Master. – Every year we expand into the new areas while assisting the city. Competitions of this kind are of great importance, as they really motivate the patrons and philanthropists and set new trends in corporate social responsibility of the businesses”


In 2019, the seaport allocated more than UAH4.5 million for various social projects. The major large-scale projects include projects supporting the medicine, education and sports, and the assistance to Mykolayiv city authorities in improving the city.

The seaport is one of the major taxpayers in Mykolayiv city. In 2019, the company paid UAH345.6 million in taxes and fees to the budgets of various levels. This amount went up by UAH115,000,000 year-on-year.


“This is our shareholders’ position: business should not be limited to paying salaries to employees and taxes to the state in a timely manner. Businesses should also take care of people and city residents, actively participate in the social life of the regions in which they operate. Businesses should offer a helping hand to the city just like it happens now when our company is helping the residents of Mykolayiv to fight COVID-19”, – emphasized Mr. Alim Agakishiev.


In 2020, NIKA-TERA seaport already allocated more than UAH3,000,000 on charitable projects of which approx. UAH2,000,000 were earmarked for the projects to combat COVID–19. Starting from April, the company purchased and delivered to six medical institutions of Mykolayiv city more than 1 388 units of the medical equipment and accessories, and also 11 344 units of individual protective gear.


NIKA-TERA seaport is a member of Group DF owned by Dmytro Firtash. The priorities of the Group DF corporate social policy include assistance to the cities where it operates (financing the medicine and education) as well as cultural diplomacy.


In the past, the seaport was recognized as a Regional Charity during the 2017 Charitable Mykolayiv region competition.