11 November 2014

Nadra Bank reduces debt burden by 20% on loans in hryvnias

Nadra Bank continues to develop programmes aimed to support its borrowers. Thus, the bank launches a new loyalty programme for clients who have loans against property in the Ukrainian currency. As of now the bank adds 20% of the transferred payment for a loan repayment if one-time payment exceeds UAH 50,000. For example, if the borrower transfers UAH 50,000 as single payment, the bank sets off UAH 60,000 for a loan repayment.

In case the payment amounts UAH 100,000, the borrower’s obligations decrease by UAH 120,000 at once.

“Due to complicated situation in Ukraine some clients experience difficulties in fulfilling obligations to the bank. That is why we have developed an integrated programme to support different categories of borrowers”, said Olena Domuz, Chief Risk Officer at Nadra Bank. “In particular, over a month ago we started to implement a programme which allows debtors to repay a foreign currency loan at the exchange rate of UAH 10/USD 1. Currently, the programme is in great demand among clients. We offer equally favourable conditions for those Ukrainians who have loan debts in the Ukrainian currency”.

Individuals and individual entrepreneurs having loans in the Ukrainian currency can participate in the programme. Besides, the bank cancels all fines charged on loans for clients using this programme.