20 November 2014

Nadra Bank Increases Authorized Capital by UAH 5.5 Billion

Nadra Bank increases authorized capital by UAH 5.5 billion through private placement of additional shares with existing nominal value by additional payments. This decision was adopted by bank’s shareholders at the extraordinary General meeting which took place in Kyiv on November 19, 2014.

Share placing will be accomplished among current Nadra’s shareholders as well as among private investors intending to participate in capitalization of the financial institution.

According to Dmytro Zinkov, Nadra Bank Chairman of the Board, additional investments in capital will allow the financial institution to go through the period of general financial, economic and political destabilization in Ukraine continuing to develop new banking products and programmes for clients, including lending. At the same time, investments enable the bank to guarantee solvency both in the short-run and in the long-run as well as its capability to pay off obligations to depositors and clients.

Currently the financial institution provides banking services for over 1.5 million of Ukrainians and 27,000 Ukrainian companies. About 360,000 employees of 3,500 Ukrainian enterprises get wages through Nadra Bank today.

Authorized capital of Nadra Bank amounts to UAH 3.9 billion, book equity is UAH 4.03 billion. Bank’s total assets have risen by 15.3% for January-September and come to UAH 35.87 billion.