01 August 2014

Nadra Bank Extends the Repayment Holidays for Those Called up for Military Service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Nadra_RUSNadra Bank extends the repayment holiday period for persons called up for military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As of now, a 3-month extension will be added to the loan restructuring program titled ‘Defender of the Motherland’, which means that for the period of their active military service and 3 months afterwards the Bank shall not charge interest and monthly fees on loans made by drafted persons and military reservists in active service.


“The situation in the Eastern part of Ukraine and the ongoing external aggression have united our society as never before. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians find the ways and the funds to support the brave people in the military who are defending our country and fight for peace”, says Olena Domuz, Chief Risk Officer at Nadra Bank. She continues, “We greatly appreciate the efforts of our country’s military, so we consider it our duty to provide them with the needed support. Knowing fully well that after the end of active military service not everyone is able to easy return to the normal civilian way of life – i.e., immediately start going to work every day and pay interest on previous bank loans – Nadra Bank has decided to extend the existing repayment holiday period”.


It should be noted that the loan restructuring program “Defender of the Motherland” covers the individuals and individual entrepreneurs who have been called up for military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and used different forms of credit such as unsecured loans, overdrafts, credit cards, consumer secured loans, car loans, mortgage loans, etc. A person becomes entitled to the program’s benefits from the day of enlistment or draft.