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In January 2021, Nika-Tera handled 545,000 t of cargo

In January 2021, Nika-Tera sea port, a part of Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF, handled 545,000 tons of cargo.


The main items within the cargo mix remain as follows:


“The year 2021 started out with severe weather conditions in the Black Sea region, in general, and at the Nika-Tera sea port, in particular. For the first time in the last 3 years the sea port faced a critically low air temperature of -21° C, and therefore an ice campaign was announced in the region. Despite force majeure circumstances, the sea port smoothly performed all cargo operations at a high level and on time. We continue to work as usual and fully fulfill all obligations under the contracts,” commented Mr. Alim Agakishiev, CEO, Nika-Tera sea port.

According to him, the weather conditions made it more difficult to exchange vessels and necessitated the formation of caravans to pass the one-way Bugsko-Dneprovsko-Limansky canal. The sea port and its services were prepared for unfavorable weather conditions, had a clear algorithm of actions in case of such a contingency.


The Administration of the seaports provided an ice-class tug to break the ice in the channel and at the sea port berths.


The volume of transshipment of 545,000 t in January of this year ranks the second most efficient for the sea port, following the record breaking January 2020.


In 2020, the sea port handled 409 vessels and transshipped 7,380,000 t of cargo. In 2020, within the cargo mix grains, legumes and oilseeds amounted to 5,550,000 t or 75 % of the total volume, bulk cargo – 1,270,000 t (18%), liquid bulk cargo – 323,000 t (4%), mineral fertilizers – 215,000 (3%).