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In 2020, PJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy) increased the output of mineral fertilizers by 11%

In 2020, PrJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy), a member of Group DF nitrogen line of business, produced 1,748,000 t of nitrogen fertilizers. In particular, the company produced 513,200 t of commercial ammonium nitrate, 575,200 t of commercial urea, 644,000 t of urea-ammonia nitrate (UAN), 16,100 t of aqueous ammonia.


Over the reporting period, the company also produced 905,700 t of ammonium and 653,800 t of non-concentrated nitric acid, which are the raw materials for the production of nitrogen fertilizers.  

“We manage to increase the production of mineral fertilizers thanks to stable work, flexible business planning, ongoing monitoring of the market, as well as adjusting the product portfolio in line with demand. We take into account not only the pricing environment of the market, but also the marginality of each individual product. Feature of the year: almost 100% capacity utilization and rapid growth in production of the most popular fertilizers, i.e. ammonium nitrate (+ 9.7%) and UAN (+ 33%). These fertilizers are the most in-demand in the market. As to the UAN, we will continue to increase output to the maximum. Investment priorities do not change, i.e. the development of industrial sites and the modernization of production,” commented Vitaly Sklyarov, Chairman of the Board, PrJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy).

In 2020, UAN output grew from 482,500 t up to 644,000 t. PrJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy) produced four types of urea-ammonia nitrate with different nitrogen and sulfur content: UAN-32, UAN-30, UAN-28 and UAN+S .


According to Vitaly Sklyarov, in order to keep on increasing the production of mineral fertilizers, PrJSC “Azot” needed to increase the production of raw materials, in particular, non-concentrated nitric acid. To this end, the company has already upgraded department No. 1 of M-5 workshop producing non-concentrated nitric acid. The large-scale project, which took almost 1.5 years to implement, was completed in December 2020. The volume of investments amounted to UAH 18 million.


In 2019, PrJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy) produced 1,567,000 t of nitrogen mineral fertilizers: 467,800 t of commercial ammonium nitrate; 607,600 t of commercial urea; 482,500 t of UAN; 9,600 t of aqueous ammonia. The company also produced 808,600 t of ammonium and 569,400 t of non-concentrated nitric acid, the raw materials for the production of mineral fertilizers.