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IN 2020, more than UAH 100 million was invested in the modernization of PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association”

In 2020, capital investments in PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” amounted to UAH101.04 million. Most of this amount was spent on the restoration of the operations of the ammonia (1-A) and urea production facilities.

“In 2020, we restored the operations of our main production sites. The key event of the last year was the restoration in March of the full production cycle for the mineral fertilizers: the 1-A ammonia and urea production facilities were put into operations. We have implemented all the required scheduled repairs in the basic production workshops and upgraded the technological equipment of the company,” said Leonid Bugayev, Chairman of the Board, PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” at the working meeting of the Union of Chemists of Ukraine.

The major capital projects at PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” included: repairs and reconstruction of A-1 ammonia production facility (UAH17.84 million), ammonia warehouse modernization (UAH3.4 million), granulation tower repairs and UAN production unit modernization (UAH5.2 million), construction and modernization of lines for packaging and shipment of urea in big bags (UAH1.3 million).


In 2020, comprehensive repairs campaigns were carried out not only in the main technological facilities, but also in Azot energy divisions. In particular, in 2020, the equipment was reconstructed in the steam supply workshop (UAH 2.1 million) and the filtering installations were repaired in the water supply workshop (UAH 1.5 million). The main objective was to increase the reliability of steam and circulating water supply to the mineral fertilizers producing divisions.

“Our company is a part of the Ostchem holding, which consolidates the Group DF nitrogen producing enterprises. The funds that the shareholder invests in the company are intended to reduce the production costs and increase the output. The funds that have been invested in the company are considerable. These investments boost Azot competitiveness in global markets. It is only thanks to Ostchem’s investments that the company remains the largest player in the nitrogen fertilizers market in the Eastern Europe,” said Leonid Bugayev.

In 2011, PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” became a part of Ostchem holding that brings together Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF nitrogen assets. Ostchem is one of the largest chemical holdings in Ukraine that consolidates highly efficient and competitive enterprises producing nitrogen fertilizers:   PJSC «Azot» (Cherkasy), PJSC «Rivneazot» (Rivne), PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» (Severodonetsk). The Ostchem distribution is represented by Ostchem Retail and “UkrAgro NPK”, a network of distribution warehouses.