23 August 2017

Group DF statement regarding the information on the Prosecutor General’s Office website about alleged embezzlement of funds and tax dodging by the Group DF enterprises

Group DF states that the information published on the Prosecutor General’s Office website about alleged embezzlement of funds and tax dodging by Group DF enterprises is untrue and absurd in its essence.
All Group DF businesses operate strictly in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and, despite the pressure, fully fulfill their obligations to the state both in the payment of taxes and other mandatory fees and charges.
By the nature of the company’s activities, Group DF enterprises belong to a group of facilities with an increased danger level and are required to insure the risks of their business activity in accordance with the Insurance Act of Ukraine. Therefore, fulfilling the requirements of the legislation, Group DF companies operate with a number of insurance companies competitively.
We regard such accusations by the Prosecutor General’s Office as another attempt to exert pressure on Group DF and its shareholder. Starting in 2014, the Group’s businesses are regularly harassed by various government departments, including the General Prosecutor’s Office, anti-corruption bodies and local self-government bodies. Numerous criminal cases have been fabricated against the Group’s businesses and top managers, which once again demonstrates the political preconception of law enforcement agencies regarding Group DF.
The Group is one of the largest employers and taxpayers in the country, providing tens of thousands of jobs and stable wages. Only for the last 3 years, the tax deductions, made by the Group’s enterprises amounted to more than 15.5 billion hryvnia.
Such irresponsible statements by the Prosecutor General’s Office mislead the public and damage the business reputation of Group DF. Therefore, we intend to defend the interests of the Group by all legal means and are ready to apply to judicial and human rights institutions for the restoration of justice.