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Group DF statement concerning the current events in Ukraine

Boris [1]The events of recent days have put under threat the integrity of Ukraine as a sovereign state.


It is obvious that a military conflict, should it happen, will inevitably lead to losses of human lives, catastrophic consequences for Ukraine’s and Russia’s economies, and will have a grave impact on relationships between the people of our countries for many years to come.


In face of this great external threat, any internal conflicts in Ukraine, no matter how serious they may seem, should be put aside. Our strength is in the unity of our nation.


What can we, as the business community, do in these circumstances?


Firstly, businesses should continue to work – in any circumstances. Because it rests on the shoulders of the business community, how Ukraine will manage to come through the imminent economic recession, already aggravated by the threat of war.


Group DF’s companies are spread across the whole of Ukraine, including places like Rivne, Gorlivka, Cherkasy, Severodonetsk, and Crimea. Despite existing language, ethnic, and any other differences, all of our 100,000 employees work in a concerted and stable manner in a single Group DF structure.


Secondly, every member of the business community should take all possible steps to help achieve arrangements between Ukraine and international financial institutions as soon as possible to help stabilise the economy.


Thirdly, all of us should maintain active dialogue with our partners in Russia, including our contractors, clients and suppliers. It is important to intensify all available contacts to help solve the conflict by means of negotiations.


And most importantly, all of us – the business community, the government, and the civil society of Ukraine – should join our efforts. Now is not the time for mutual accusations. It is the time to act together for the good of the unified and inseparable Ukraine.


Boris Krasnyansky,


CEO of Group DF