07 August 2015

Group DF’s press office comment on the registration of ‘Ukraine Tomorrow’ trademark (brand)

The minister of information policy Yuriy Stets in an interview to ‘Telekritika’ noted that ‘the private company of Dmitry Firtash has slightly left the ministry behind’ and registered the brand ‘Ukraine Tomorrow’.


It might seem from the context of the interview that Group DF, after finding out about the plans of the Ministry, has decided to act proactively. In other words, they are trying to blame us that we have deprived the ministry of  the brand and thus, apparently obstruct the  international broadcasting reform in Ukraine.


We reject these hints and logic completely. In fact, we have started using this phrase in public events back in 2014. After having heldsuccessful international forums, it was decided to apply for the trademark registration in four languages, and as a result, it was timely done.


While submitting the documents for the registration of ‘Ukraine Tomorrow’ brand we were guided by the business logic, rules of international law and the legislation  of Ukraine, which completely allowed the registration of the above-mentioned trademark.