13 January 2016

Group DF obtained the rights to the brand “UKRAINE TOMORROW” in 27 EU countries

Group DF completed the formal registration of brands (marks for goods and services) “UKRAINE TOMORROW”, “UKRAINE MORGEN” and» УКРАЇНА ЗАВТРА» in the International Office for Harmonization in the internal market (OHIM). OHIM is the European Union agency providing registration and legal protection of trademarks and industrial designs in the territory of the EU Member States.


Group DF has used the phrase “UKRAINE TOMORROW” during public events since 2014. After a series of successful international forums, it was decided to apply for registration of this brand. Thus, the Group DF intends to continue the use of the brand “UKRAINE TOMORROW” for various international forums, round tables and other public events that promote awareness of Ukraine and investment attractiveness of the country. Also, the brand will be used in a variety of educational, scientific and cultural events in the framework of cultural diplomacy projects organized by the Group.


 When registering the brand “UKRAINE TOMORROW” the Group was guided by the statutes of international law and the laws of Ukraine. After receiving the trademark registration certificates, the Group DF confirmed its exclusive rights to the brand in 8 classes according to the International Classification of Goods and Services. Registration is valid until 2025 and effective in the territory of 27 countries – members of the European Union and Ukraine.