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Group DF consolidated 100% of the shares in ‘INTER Channel’

GDF MEDIA LIMITED company and INTER MEDIA GROUP LIMITED company (controlled by GDF MEDIA LIMITED) bought out the minority stakes in ‘INTER Channel’ PJSC. The relevant changes were registered in Ukraine’s state registration authorities.


29% stake, owned by «First Channel» JSC (Russian Federation) was acquired at market value. At the same time, the agreement was reached on purchasing 10% stake, owned by ‘Pegas TV’ company (Ukraine). The price of the «First Channel» JSC stock amounted USD 100 million. The agreements were closed in line with the general management and development strategy of Group DF’s media business.


Thus, 100% of shares of ‘INTER Channel’ are fully controlled and managed by the companies, owned by Dmitry Firtash (majority stake) and Sergey Lyovochkin (minority stake).