17 December 2012

Group DF invested UAH 175 million in modernization of Concern Stirol in 2012

StirolConcern Stirol, part of OSTCHEM, will save over 100 million cubic meters of natural gas due to completed capital refurbishment of large-tonnage production facilities and implementation of investment energy-saving programs. Besides, the total saving of thermal power in 12 months will reach 72,912 Gcal while the daily capacity of ammonia production has grown up to 4,800 tons at three units, and urea production at two workshops went up to 3020 tons a day.


“2012 has seen seven capital refurbishments. Simultaneously we, according to the approved plan, were implementing a series of investment projects aimed at raising the technological processes dependability and reducing the inputs consumption rates,” commented Sergey Pavliuchuk, Chairman of the Board of Concern Stirol. “The total of investments exceeded UAH 175 million. The completed operations will allow the reduction of natural gas and thermal power consumption and will enable environmental performance improvement without detriment to the production capacity. Conversely, the outputs will only rise.”


“The production modernization, advanced technologies and materials incorporation have made it possible to increase the ammonia units capacity to 1600 tons a day,” says Vitaliy Ponomarenko, Chief Technical Officer of Concern Stirol. “The plants started working in a more sustainable fashion featuring smaller consumption rates. The total volumes of the annual natural gas saving at three ammonia units us estimated to be 111,515.2 thousand cubic meters.”