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Group DF International and Hyundai Engineering Co. started cooperation in the field of chemistry

The Korean company considers participation in Ukrainian projects in the field of gas processing, infrastructure, chemistry and logistics



November 15, 2023 Group DF International GmbH has entered into the memorandum of understanding with Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.

The document provides for cooperation between the parties through creation of joint investment projects in fertilizer production industry both in Ukraine and in other jurisdictions. In particular, we are talking about the plans on joint implementation of projects for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing chemical plants owned by the Group.

The parties are especially interested in cooperation on projects for the construction of new and/or reconstruction of existing chemical plants/fertilizer plants operated by Group DF,” – the document says. It is emphasized that the parties will cooperate in good faith and make all necessary efforts to achieve the common goal – restoration of Ukraine.

Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd is a worldwide known contracting company for engineering, procurement and construction of oil and gas processing plants, including fertilizer and chemical plants.

“The company is ready to consider options for participation in post-war restoration of chemical industry of Ukraine. We sincerely believe in the prospects of restoring infrastructure, restoring and building gas processing plants,” – noted Lim Seung Jae, Senior Vice President of Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd.

“Group DF is forming the strategy of restoration of chemical industry in post-war Ukraine and plans to provide the pent-up demand from agricultural sector of Ukraine. Supported and in cooperation with Hyundai Engineering Co , we will make our contribution to the revival of Ukrainian economy and strengthening of  chemical industry. The Group also considers all possible cooperation with Hyundai Engineering Co in projects to restore and expand logistics infrastructure,” – said Robert SHETLER – JONES, CEO of Group DF International GmbH.

According to Forbes Ukraine, OSTCHEM holding uniting nitrogen chemical plants of Group DF is number one player among enterprises in Ukrainian chemical industry.