17 April 2013

Grain transshipment capacities of Nika Tera to be increased fivefold by the end of 2013

NikaTeraNika Tera specialized sea port (‘Nika Tera SSP’, LLC), which is part of Group DF, plans to complete the construction of a silo-type grain elevator with the capacity of 170 thousand tons by the end of 2013.


“By the end of the year we plan to have the facilities commissioned. According to the approved business plan, the investments into this project in 2013 will amount to circa UAH 124 million”, announced Oleksandr Gaydu, Chairman of Nika-Tera.


Owing to the construction of grain silos, the capacity of the port’s granaries will increase more than fivefold – from the current 40 thousand tons to 210 thousand tons. This will allow increasing the cargo turnover of the grain complex to 6 mln. tons per year.


“Construction of the third stage of the grain terminal is an important element in the creation of the grain transshipment and storage complex. As the result, it will allow us to become one of the biggest companies on the grain transshipment market already by the end of 2013”, added Aleksandr Gaydu.


The terminal construction project envisages construction of 18 silos as well as extension of peers for the servicing of the grain complex. The terminal equipment will be complemented with a hoisting machine with the capacity of 1,500 t/h (its approximate cost will be UAH 31.55 mln). Additionally, UAH 22.2 mln is to be invested in the grain laboratory complex and a specialized car park.


The cost of the main technical equipment of the elevator provided by CHIEF and InterSystems, the leading American manufacturers, was over USD 15 mln. Elpromproject, LLC (Odesa, Ukraine) is the general contractor developing the new grain elevator as a turnkey project.


The expansion of the port goes is line with OSTCHEM’s marketing strategy aimed at providing its customers with a full package of services. Nika Tera’s increased capacities open up new opportunities for buyers of OSTCHEM’s fertilizers, while large agribusinesses enjoy additional advantages with grain transshipment and export.


“Our initial step was to create specialized “supermarkets” for farmers through the UkrAgro NPK warehouse network, where we sell fertilizers, crop protection agents, fuel and lubricants, as well as providing fertilizer application services. Thanks to increased port capacities, we will now be able to help farmers export their grain,” explained Maria Bezzubova, OSTCHEM’s Director for Marketing and Strategic Planning. “The combination of our own port and warehouse network creates significant market advantages for OSTCHEM’s fertilizers producers in Ukraine. They enjoy a reliable logistics chain which reduces risks for agribusinesses and eventually helps them increase their sales,” added Ms Bezzubova.




‘Nika Tera SSP’, LLC is an advanced and highly mechanized port which is a part of OSTCHEM. Nika Tera includes three specialized complexes, the so-called “freight districts”. Each one of them specializes on transhipment of different types of freight such as grains, mineral fertilizers and other dry bulk.

Nika Tera is located on the left bank of Bugskiy estuary, 34 miles away from the sea. The port’s territory is adjacent to the Zhovtneva railway station. Nika Tera includes seven piers more than 1,300 r. m long, five of which are in commercial operation. The company was established in 1995 as a port terminal for transhipment of potassium fertilizers. The port’s initial name is Mykolayiv Potassium Terminal, JSC.