17 May 2012

Federation of Employers of Ukraine seeks simplification of regulatory procedures for setting up new business

020350The Federation of Employers of Ukraine will advocate simplification of procedure of new production facilities construction and commissioning, as well as liberalization of procedures of obtaining permits for business incorporation. This effort is one of the major highlights of the concept of the Program of Development of Real Sectors of the National Economy for the period until 2020 approved at the FEU council on May 17.


“In 20 years, there have been multiple programs devised in Ukraine but none of them met with fulfillment. There has to be one yet realistic and meaningful program. Business does not need ten or fifty programs – we need one but workable program. It must enhance Ukraine and bring it to a new development level,” said the President of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine Mr. Dmitry Firtash. According to him, as a result of absence of an effective industrial policy around 70 to 80 percent of goods distributed in retail networks are of imported origin.


According to the Program concept, during the phase until the end of 2012, the Federation will be concentrated on achieving the simplification of regulatory procedures restraining doing business and investment climate in Ukraine. The FEU will, among other things, seek the reduction or ultimate elimination of import duties applied to high-tech equipment, raw materials and components originating from outside of Ukraine. Also, the Program will envisage the FEU’s initiation of enforcement of mechanisms of transparent customs value assessment. The list of top priorities also includes extension of preferences to domestic producers in course of state procurement operations.