25 February 2022

Dmytro Firtash opposes Russian invasion, asks to be allowed to return to Ukraine now without changing status quo regarding U.S. legal charges against him, according to an attorney on U.S. legal team, lanny J. Davis

Lanny J. Davis, U.S. counsel and legal advisor to Dmytro Firtash, issued this statement on behalf of Ukrainian businessman, Dmytro Firtash, today:

Dmytro Firtash unequivocally opposes Russia’s invasion of his homeland, Ukraine. Mr. Firtash is taking every step he can to do whatever possible to protect Ukrainian sovereignty, Ukraine’s democratically elected government, and his fellow Ukrainian citizens. Mr. Firtash is currently confined to Austria exercising his right to contest an extradition request from the United States government related to United States charges that he denies. Mr. Firtash is not asking for any changes to the status of his Austrian extradition proceedings other than to have Austrian authorities allow him the temporary ability to return to Ukraine to do what he can in the defense of his country. He has told Austrian authorities that he will return to Austria at the end of the Ukrainian emergency or at the request of Austrian authorities. Mr. Firtash simply wishes to return to his homeland to help in its time of crisis. Mr. Firtash opposes Russia’s unprovoked and uncalled for invasion. He believes there is no reason the Russian people should want this war. Likewise, he believes the Ukrainian people do not want this war. Ukraine is not a threat to Russia. The world community should do everything possible to allow Ukraine and the Ukrainian people to remain strong and independent.