30 January 2014

Dmitry Firtash’s position regarding recent events in Ukraine

DFThe developments unfolding in Ukraine today make it impossible for me – as a citizen and a businessman with many thousands of people employed by Group DF behind me – to stand by and remain silent. The fierce confrontation has demonstrated: when the different parties involved fail to hear each other, the most precious value – a human life – appears to be in jeopardy. Unfortunately, the red line has already been crossed.


I express my most sincere condolences to the families and friends of those who perished.


Today, everyone must unite and find a solution in order to prevent further bloodshed.


We have to understand and remember that people on both sides of the barricades are Ukrainians. We are citizens of one country. And it is vital for all of us to preserve the integrity and unity of Ukraine.


I am calling upon all parties to find a compromise by continuing negotiations yielding real results. Every possible effort must be made to ensure that no one else falls victim to the confrontation. I believe that human life should not under any circumstances be put at risk. The only proper way to resolve the conflict is through peaceful means.