27 November 2012

Dmitry Firtash: Development of deep processing in agribusiness may help bridge the gap in quality of life between urban and suburban areas

020394Speaking at the 9th Congress of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine Mr. Dmitry Firtash, the FEU President maintained that the development of deep processing in agricultural production may help bridge the gap between the quality of living in the city and in villages.


“Ukraine must revisit its strategy of agriculture development shifting from grains export towards agricultural produce deep processing.  By focusing on deep processing we will trigger a fairly powerful investments inflow into the rural areas and replenish village councils’ budgets. The huge differential between the quality of living in the city and in the country will be alleviated,” said Mr. Firtash. He also noted that the lack of employment opportunities brought about the disappearance of over 300 settlements over 20 years of Ukraine’s independence.


The FEU President once again reiterated that the core resource of Ukraine’s economy development is its agriculture and small and medium enterprises.