21 May 2013

DF Agro greenhouse complex recognized winner of the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” rating in the “Debut of the Year” nomination

DFAgroDF Agro (Synkiv), the biggest greenhouse complex in the Western Ukraine located in Synkiv, Ternopil region, topped the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” authoritative rating in the “Debut of the Year” nomination.


The “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” rating was drawn up by The Ukrainian Farmer, a specialized publication which for the third consecutive year selected 100 top agribusinesses in Ukraine. This year, the winners were defined by a large-scale survey among leading agribusiness experts. The awards were given in 20 nominations and the ceremony was held at the National Philharmonic Hall of Ukraine in Kyiv.


“The experts voted for DF Argo because it is the first and the only state-of-art greenhouse complex in Ukraine built from scratch”, explained Gennadiy Vorobyov, Director of AGP Media publishing house while presenting the award.


The first stage of DF Agro (Synkiv) greenhouse complex with the total area of 10 hectares was opened in September 2012. It became the first large-scale investment project of Group DF in the agribusiness sector.


“The launch of this greenhouse complex helps reducing Ukraine’s dependence on imports thanks to this large-scale domestic production. DF Agro (Synkiv) is not just a business however. It’s a landmark social project for the region, because DF Agro’s owner not only financed the construction of greenhouses and created new jobs, but also completely redeveloped infrastructure of the village”, remarked Viktor Gordash, the Director of DF Agro (Synkiv) greenhouse complex.


As such, the investor built a new school, a kindergarten and a hotel where the greenhouse workers live for free. Every house in Synkiv was connected to Internet and 30 km of road were repaired. “Along with the new jobs, we created good living conditions for the local residents. Now Synkiv is a model of a modern Ukrainian village”, added Viktor Gordash.


DF Agro (Synkiv) greenhouses utilise modern Dutch equipment and advanced Israeli vegetable growing technologies. They are equipped with round-the-clock plant lighting, automatic sprinkling and temperature control. Plant nutrition and fertigation as well as temperature are control are performed by Priva Connext, a specialised computer system, which also enables remote agronomic support and control on all vegetable growing stages. Cutting edge technologies allow helps DF Agro to grow the highest quality organic products – exactly what consumers want.


Dmitry Firtash, the owner of DF Agro (Synkiv) greenhouse complex, previously announced that the total complex area could reach 40 hectares according to a preliminary business plan.




DF Argo represents the agricultural business of Group DF and includes a state-of-the-art greenhouse complex located in Synkiv village, Ternopil region of Ukraine. The greenhouse complex produces tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper. Total investments into the greenhouse construction and Synkiv village infrastructure development amounted USD 30 mln. The complex includes storage and packing workshops, as well as a seedling greenhouse capable of growing 8.4 million plants per annum. DF Argo (Synkiv) sells its products in Ukraine and CIS countries under the “Synkivskyi Yarmarok” brand.


The “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” project started in 2011 aiming to highlight the latest trends and developments in Ukraine’s agriculture sector, including covering activities of a selection of 100 biggest domestic agribusinesses. This project was initiated by the “AGP Media” publishing house, which is publisher of a number of agribusiness magazines including The Ukrainian Farmer, AgroMarket, Nashe Ptitsevodstvo, Plantator, as well as AgroTimes.net, a specialized agribusiness web portal).


The Ukrainian Farmer is a leading international publication providing professional information on agribusiness for managers and specialists from the sector.