01 November 2013

Crimea TITAN to provide UAH 66 mln in assistance to Armiansk as part of the Social Partnership Memorandum

Armiansk_MoUCrimea TITAN, the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of titanium dioxide and part of Group DF, will provide UAH 66 million for implementation of the Cooperation and Social Partnership Memorandum signed with the city of Armiansk (Crimea), where the company is located. This was announced by Serhiy Kosenko, Chairman of the Board of Crimea TITAN JSC.


“As a socially responsible business, we are committed to really helping the city to address a range of vital social, housing and utilities problems,” explained Serhiy Kosenko, “We are helping the city in four main areas, which are support of education, renovation of residential housing and utility systems, developing social and cultural infrastructure, and recreation.”


Under the Memorandum, Crimea TITAN has already provided UAH 46 million to fund the most critical works. For example, the repair and construction division of Crimean TITAN and contractors of the company have already repaired the roofs on 55 residential buildings (about 70% of the housing in Armiansk), and fixed 12 and installed five new elevators. 360 out of 560 building entrance hallways saw cosmetic repairs and metal doors with combination locks installed. Lighting was restored in 260 hallways, and windows were installed in 291 hallways.


Furthermore, the city sewerage system has been overhauled, drainage systems were improved in 68 residential buildings, and 6.5 kilometres of in-house plumbing systems in residential buildings were replaced or repaired. Cafeteria rooms in city schools and interiors of the Children and Youth Sports School were fully renovated and furnished, and the Children and Youth Activity Centre was renovated, furnished and equipped. An ambulance vehicle was purchased for the City Central Hospital.


According to Serhiy Kosenko, Crimea TITAN plans to complete a long list of repairs and construction works to improve residential housing and utilities, social and cultural facilities, and recreational areas at the end of 2013 and in 2014. The combined cost of these works is estimated at UAH 20 million. Therefore, the total assistance provided by Crimea TITAN to Armiansk as part the Cooperation and Social Partnership Memorandum is estimated at UAH 66 million. “The works that technologically can only be done during the warm period will begin in April, while the rest will start already this coming November,” explained the Chairman of the Board of Crimea TITAN JSC.


Specifically, a complete renovation of entrance hallways and elevators and an overhaul of potable water supply and sewage systems will continue in the sector of residential housing and utility services. As to the social facilities in Armiansk, Crimea TITAN will fully renovate the offices of the former Housing and Utility Directorate No1, which will now house the Territorial Social Services Centre.


Modern energy-efficient windows and doors will be installed in a large number of schools and kindergartens. It is planned to repair sports hall and roof at the Higher Vocational School of Chemical Industry the main institution preparing professionals for Crimea TITAN. The Children and Youth Sports School will see an overhaul of its sports hall and next stage of renovation of a swimming pool. Armiansk will also have a new kindergarten thanks to a complete reconstruction of The Sun, an old kindergarten shut down more than 17 years ago because of the poor and unsafe condition of the building.


The Cooperation and Social Partnership Memorandum was signed in 2012 between the city authorities, Crimea TITAN – the city-forming industrial company of Armiansk, and Dmitry Firtash – the owner of the company and Chairman of the Group DF Supervisory Council. Earlier in 2013, Group DF held a special survey among residents of the city, which helped to identify the needs of Armiansk residents and priority areas of assistance to the city.


“The last year and a half saw substantial improvements in our city. The things we could not afford for many years due to a lack of funds in the city treasury now became a reality thanks to the Memorandum,” explained Valentin Demidov, the Mayor of Armiansk. “Crimea TITAN is our reliable partner committed to improving the city and making it as comfortable as possible for the people who live in it. As the result, the quality of life has improved. There is barely any outflow of young people to bigger cities, and this fact speaks for itself.”