30 January 2015

Crimea Titan retained production volume of its core product – titanium dioxide in 2014

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Crimea TITAN, a part of Group DF’s titanium business, managed to retain titanium dioxide production at last year’s level.


In 2014, Crimea TITAN, a part of Group DF’s titanium business, produced 101 000 tons of titanium dioxide and 532 343 tons of sulphuric acid.


Q3 was record for the plant, when the plant produced 27 067 tons of titanium dioxide. Production index consistently exceeded 9 000 tons in spring months, amounting 9 500 tons in March and May. As for sulphuric acid production, its maximum was recorded in August, when it amounted to 55 000 tons.


Despite general global decline of the chemical industry, the plant managed to retain production volume of its titanium dioxide, its core product. Though we faced some challenges last year, we succeeded in maintaining working capacity of the plant and loading fully the key shops. The enterprise performed set tasks, provided production, as well as sales. We fulfil all the supply contracts. We systematically continue to upgrade capacities. Implementation of the Titan-3, a unique perspective and significant in all respects project, is our strategic guideline. Implementation of this innovative project is at the stage of final development of the basic technical documents. It is basic and detailed engineering, technical solutions which will later be used in detailed design and therefore in construction of the shop,” commented Serhiy Kosenko, Chairman of the Board of Crimea TITAN PrJSC.


Titan-3 project is a construction of the third shop for titanium dioxide production using sulphate process by advanced up-to-date technology. Productivity of the new shop is presented as 80+40, where 80 000 tons are absolutely new capacities and 40 000 tons are calcification of Titan-1 shop which will be processed in new grades by advanced technology of the third division. High quality and additional production volume of the new product will allow the plant to expand sales geography improving the company’s position on the global market.


In 2014, the plant continued implementing the investment project on construction (at the operating capacity of the Ammophos shop) of the complex for production of multicomponent nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium fertilizer (NPK) with the capacity of 18 000 tons per month.