16 April 2014

Crimea TITAN increased its titanium dioxide and sulphuric acid production in Q1 2014

CrimTitan05042013Crimea TITAN, a part of Group DF, increased its sulphuric acid and titanium dioxide production in Q1 2014 compared to Q1 2013. The company produced 26,591 tons of titanium dioxide and 137,649 tons of sulphuric acid in the first three months of this year.


“Today, the company is operating consistently, fulfilling the obligations it has undertaken. Titanium dioxide production has increased by 6% (1,465 tons) and sulphuric acid production has increased by 9% (11,083 tons),” stated Serhiy Kosenko, Chairman of the Board of Crimea TITAN JSC. “In 2012, we produced 106,000 tons of titanium dioxide, and in 2013 – 108,000 tons. We fully implement our production program, according to which we plan to produce 110,000 tons of titanium dioxide in 2014,” added Mr Kosenko.


This increase in the output the main product – titanium dioxide – is the result of launching a new sulphuric acid production unit with the capacity of 660,000 tons per year. The new sulphuric acid production is sufficient to supply enough raw materials for a future increase in the titanium dioxide output to 120,000 tons per year.