14 October 2013

Concern Stirol completed reconstruction of the Palace of Culture in Gorlovka worth UAH 50 mln.

KSKC_StirolConcern Stirol, part of OSTCHEM holding consolidating nitrogen fertilizers producers of Group DF, opened the main concert stage in Gorlovka, the Stirol Culture and Sports Commercial Centre (CSCC), following a major reconstruction of this facility and adjacent square worth UAH 50 mln.


The Stirol CSCC opening also marked the 80th anniversary of Concern Stirol. Its reconstruction is part of the ‘Preserve Your City’ programme initiated by Dmitriy Firtash, Chairman of the Group Supervisory Council of Group DF. The funding came from Concern Stirol, the city-forming industrial giant of Gorlovka.



“The renovated Culture and Sports Centre is a true gift to the city and its inhabitants generously provided by Concern Stirol, – explained Oleksandr Khalin, General Director of OSTCHEM. – We believe that investments into the city are investments into its inhabitants. If we really care about people, they will really care about us: it will be a real pleasure for them to come to work and do everything possible for their company to succeed”.



“The Stirol CSCC will not only become one of the best concert venues in Donetsk oblast, it will be one of the best in Ukraine. We didn’t just renovate this facility, but created a brand new project. The new Stirol CSCC is a real “white pearl of Gorlovka”, – said Serhiy Pavlyuchuk, Chairman of the Board of Concern Stirol JSC.


Approximately 8,000 square meters of facilities were renovated: the new concert hall that can seat up to 1,100 viewers now boasts new comfy seats and a brand new stage with all its engineering communication lines replaced. The building façade and the adjacent territory are beautifully illuminated, while stairs at the main entrance are equipped with a heating system. The 4,500 m² square in front of the Cultural Centre has been revamped as well. The Stirol CSCC opening will be marked with performances by various art groups housed by the Cultural Centre.


Dmitriy Firtash stressed that major and city-forming industrial companies should support the cities where they are based. “We should take responsibility for the city where we live. Somebody may buy a bus, somebody else may resurface a road or build a kindergarten. If everybody makes his own contribution, we will change the situation in the whole country for the better, and the government will treat businesses better as well”, noted Mr Firtash.


In 2012, Group DF invested over UAH 500 mln. in corporate social responsibility and environmental projects. Almost all of the Group’s industrial companies are either city-forming, or major taxpayers and contributors to local budgets.


Earlier in 2012, another Group DF producer and the city-forming company of Cherkassy, Azot JSC, financed reconstruction of Peoples Friendship Cultural Centre, as well as adjacent square and fountain.





The Stirol Culture and Sports Commercial Centre was founded in 1991. It houses 7 art groups, 5 sports groups, and a circus troupe attended by 1,500 people in total.