31 July 2013

Cherkassy Azot upgraded its ammonium nitrate production shop

Cherkassy_logoCherkassy Azot (part of OSTCHEM holding) has completed upgrades to its M-9 ammonium nitrate production shop, reported Vitaly Sklyarov, Chairman of the Board of Azot, PJSC.


“We have completed all scheduled overhaul works in the ammonium nitrate production shop ahead of time. Project investments, including funds to repair the granulation tower shaft, totalled UAH 10.3 million”, says Vitaly Sklyarov. According to him, Cherkassy Azot has successfully resumed production. The shop has already reached its output capacity of 82 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate per month.


As the result of this upgrade, Cherkassy Azot improved product quality and reduced raw materials consumption. According to OSTCHEM’s development department estimates, the economic effect from this upgrade should reach UAH 2.8 million per year.


In course of the overhaul works, Cherkassy Azot upgraded evaporating units used in ammonium nitrate production. This modernisation allowed stabilising quality of the products, as well as reducing energy consumption. As such, producing one ton of ammonium nitrate now requires 29.708 kW instead of the previous 30.508. Furthermore, drying up of one ton of ammonium nitrate now requires 0.008 Gcal of thermal energy less than before.


Cherkassy Azot also installed a jumper between the two pipelines uniting the nitric acid production shop and aggregates 1 and 2 in the ammonium nitrate shop. “Nitric acid is the basic raw material for the ammonium nitrate shop. The nitric acid shop is linked to the ammonium nitrate shop by two pipelines. Having installed this additional jumper between the two pipelines we ensured a more reliable operation of the ammonium nitrate shop. In case one pipeline breaks down, nitric acid will be supplied through the second one”, explained Ivan Martemyanov, head of the M-9 workshop.