20 May 2013

Azot (Cherkassy) to spend UAH 23.5 million on reconstruction of Cherkassy water purification and sewage system

PJSC Azot (Cherkassy), part of OSTCHEM holding (incorporates fertilizer producers of Group DF), by the end of 2013 will invest UAH 23.5 million to complete the first stage of modernization of Cherkassy sewage system, as Vitaliy Skliarov, Chairman of the Board of PJSC Azot, reported. This will enable increasing the reliability of municipal effluent discharge from Cherkassy and mitigating the environmental pollution risks.


“The programme of the municipal sewage reconstruction is our largest ecological project. We already invested around UAH 21 million, and will contribute 2.5 million more by the end of 2013 to complete what we have planned. We will do our best to fulfill all the commitments to the municipal water supply system,” emphasized Vitaliy Skliarov.


By the end of 2013, Azot will have the damaged pipe section along Chygyrynska Street replaced. The company will also modernize all sewers that deliver municipal effluents from the main pumping station to Azot’s treatment facilities. Within this programme, Azot has repaired 11 km of municipal sewer pipes, assembled two new sewers of 700 mm in diameter from Khimikiv Avenue to Chygyrynska Street. This enabled the city to resume the main pumping station operation (allows effluent discharge from the South-West of Cherkassy).


Azot has been involved in effluent treatment since 1992. The company was designed not only as fertilizer producer, but also as a water treatment plant supplying clean water to Cherkassy city. Azot purifies its own effluents and sanitary wastewater of several residential areas, as well as wastewater of other industrial enterprises of Cherkassy region. The enterprise treatment facilities process 70 000 cubic meters of wastewater per day. “The main problem of the water supply system in Cherkassy is that municipal water supply lines, pumping stations and pressure manifolds pumping water from the customers to Azot are very exhausted. The system requires major repairs. By providing support to the city, we significantly mitigate the ecological risks,” says Vitaliy Skliarov.


Azot employs modern European technologies in the reconstruction of municipal sewage. For instance, in the subsoil waterlogging area of Chervona Sloboda village, the enterprise has completely replaced a one-kilometer-long section of a steel water supply line with an up-to-date HOBAS system, produced using plastic pipes of high capacity and working service up to 50 years.


The stage by stage reconstruction of Cherkassy municipal sewage is carried out as part of the “Preserve Your City” program initiated by Dmitry Firtash, owner of Group DF.


“We have to raise social and ecological standards in the cities where our activities are based, invest into cities’ infrastructure, improve the quality of life. I believe that business should be socially-oriented, it should take care of people’s comfort,” noted Oleksandr Khalin, Chief Executive Officer of OSTCHEM. According to him, OSTCHEM’s chemical producers invested UAH 134.2 million into their cities’ infrastructure development in 2010-2012.