12 March 2015

Administration and workforce of ZTMC signed collective labour agreement for 2015

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Administration of Zaporizhzhia Titanium and Magnesium Combine LLC, a part of Group DF’s titanium business, signed a new collective labour agreement with workforce for 2015.


“We have fully maintained benefits package for employees of the combine and veterans that is a significant advantage in current economic situation. Besides, we continue implementing new HR policies focused on advanced training of the staff and carrying-out various motivation programmes. In particular, we plan to train 1200 blue-collar workers and 360 managers and specialists in 2015. We permanently implement innovative technologies and new management solutions at the combine, that’s why new competences and skills are essential for employees,” commented Volodymyr Sivak, Director of ZTMC LLC. 


The document comprises detailed plans for operational indicators of the plant for 2015, remuneration policy as well as components of the benefits package for employees of the combine. According to the signed collective agreement, ZTMC plans to increase production capacities of titanium sponge up to 9,400 tons in 2015 (the combine produced 7,200 tons in 2014). 


Besides, the collective agreement for 2015 includes a range of large-scale overhauls in main production shops of the combine. In particular, ZTMC plans following projects: 


  • modernization of the electric overhead type crane in melt section for raw and burden material and overhaul in the process stage of pitch coke drying (rotary drier) at titanium slag and titanium tetrachloride production shop (shop #2);
  • overhaul of 5 separation furnaces, 5 reduction furnaces, a heating furnace, 7 magnesium electrolysers, stationary magnesium pot-type furnace #1, as well as the mixer of slime and electrolytic mixture #2 at magnesium and titanium sponge production shop (shop #7);
  • overhaul of the vacuum arc-type foundry furnace at titanium ingots and slabs production shop (#9).


Besides, the combine will conduct overhauls of ore thermal furnaces #1 and #2. 


The collective agreement implies that costs for social services facilities and different social benefits for employees will considerably increase in 2015. Particularly, the combine will increase social benefits by 40% in 2015 compared to 2014 – from UAH 8.5 million to UAH 12.02 million. 


According to Ludmyla Logvinova, Chairman of ZTMC’s trade committee, the new collective labour agreement is a result of compromise between combine’s administration and employees and it respects the interests of both parts. 


The collective agreement is signed annually at ZTMC. Before its signing employees of all combine’s shops have an opportunity to make suggestions. Then received suggestions are analysed by special collective agreement committee which includes members of the administration and employees on a parity basis. 


This year, signed collective agreement is drawn up considering real financial possibilities of the enterprise. We have found an optimal solution which allows the combine not only to maintain the work collective but also raise wages and social benefits for employees,” added Ludmyla Logvinova, Chairman of ZTMC’s trade committee. 


ZTMC LLC became the first among metallurgy plants in Zaporizhia region to conclude a collective agreement for this year. ZTMC employs 3633 people.