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28 foreign sailors evacuated from the Black sea area efforts of Nika-Tera and Nika Trans Logistics

Nika-Tera seaport authorities completed a rescue mission intended to evacuate foreign citizens from the ships blocked in the Dnieper-Bugsky estuary.


“At the request of the shipowners, we carried out a rescue operation to evacuate foreign crews from ships that were blockaded and under fire. This operation was carried out in cooperation with the embassies of the respective countries. Together with Nika Trans Logistics, we succeeded in evacuating 28 people. Our people risked their lives, I consider this a real feat,” said Alim Agakishiev, CEO, Nika-Tera seaport. — Unfortunately, our rescuers had to evacuate the bodies of the deceased crew members as well.”

Nika-Tera seaport and Nika Trans Logistics, a logistics company, both are members of Group DF and owned by Dmitro Firtash, a Ukrainian businessman. Forbes Ukraine listed him among the top entrepreneurs in terms of assistance to the Ukrainians during the war (the total amount of assistance by Group DF and Dmytro Firtash personally exceeded $9.7 M). The largest donations included the transfer of $3.5 M to the NBU special account, recovery of infrastructure in destroyed cities, provision of direct humanitarian assistance, purchase of medicines and logistics support for 14 hospitals.