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“СО2” Company is a national network for sale of industrial gases produced at the Group’s nitrogen plants. The company has been established in 2021 in accordance with the new strategy of OSTCHEM holding.



The Company “СО2” has been created to bring the market of industrial gases in Ukraine to a qualitatively new level. Today “С02” management employs the largest capacities for production of food-grade carbon dioxide in Ukraine. The Company is also one of the largest producers of medical oxygen in Ukraine.

We strive to:

– Provide end consumers with products of the highest quality; – Create a powerful national producer of industrial gases, which will ensure uninterrupted supplies of products both in Ukraine and abroad; – Establish reliable logistics chains with a number of European countries; – Increase the consumption of carbon dioxide of Ukrainian production in the domestic market by representatives of food industry due to the development of the market.


Food grade carbon dioxide


Liquid carbon dioxide is the priority in  product line of the Company. The products are manufactured at  PrJSC “AZOT” (Cherkasy) plant- the largest producer of carbon dioxide in Ukraine with a production capacity of 24,000 tons/year.


Compliance of carbon dioxide with Ukrainian quality standards is confirmed by DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine) 4817:2007.


Compliance of the production process with the highest international food safety standards is confirmed by  Food Safety System Certification 22000 ( FSSC 22000).


Also our products correspond to ISBT international standard ( International Society of Beverage Technologists ) – an international community of non-alcoholic beer industry technologists. Quality control of carbon dioxide at PrJSC “AZOT” operates a unique automated analytical complex CARBOSCAN 300 which checks products according to 24 parameters / indicators.




Medical oxygen



PrJSC “AZOT” is one of the largest enterprises producing medical oxygen in Ukraine. Production capacity is more than 7,000 t/year.

According to the shareholder’s decision, free of charge medical oxygen is supplied to  hospitals. In 2021 at the height of COVID-19 plants producing  mineral fertilizers of the nitrogen holding OSTCHEM produced 1.1 million m3 of oxygen and supplied it to hospitals in more than 12 regions of the country.





Carboskan 300 [1]
FSСС-CZE certificate [2]
ЧА СО2 Conclusion of the State San. expertise СО2 16 [3]
Passport for medical oxygen [4]
Technical passport for liquid oxygen [5]


Safety passport for CO2 [7]




Oleksandr Frolov, CEO of  “СО2” Company.

Mail: frolov@llcco2.com.ua [8]


The general address:  TR@LLCCO2.com.ua [9]



Sales department:


Andrii Anatolyovych Guslyakov


Mail : andrey.guslyakov@llcco2.com.ua [10]


Tel / WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram : +38 099 109 000 9