Group Supervisory Council

The Group Supervisory Council is the Group’s highest management body. The Council is responsible for providing advice and consultation on key issues affecting the entire Group, as well as individual component businesses. Its responsibilities include reviewing the strategies of the Group’s businesses, approving strategic investments, closing M&A deals, and agreeing the diversification of the Group’s businesses, reorganization, and strategic partnerships.


The Group Supervisory Council considers public offerings of any Group company, and the policies and procedures to support such goals. The Group’s consolidated budgets and financial reports are also reviewed and approved by the Group Supervisory Council.

Board of the Group members:
The Council is expected to develop effective mechanisms for oversight and corporate governance, to nominate members to individual company Supervisory Boards, as well as top executives critical to the Group’s effective governance and success.
Dmitry Firtash
The Chairman of the Group
Supervisory Council

Dmitry Firtash is a prominent Ukrainian investor and businessman, the founder of Group DF and President of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine.


From a commodity trading background in Ukraine and Russia in the late 1980s, Mr Firtash established business ties in Central Asia and organised supplies of consumer goods in exchange for natural gas in 1993, continuously developing this business over the subsequent years.


In 2004, Mr Firtash and Gazprom jointly created RosUkrEnergo AG, which commenced supplying natural gas from Central Asian countries to Ukraine and European states a year later. The gas supplies continued until the end of 2008.


Since 2002, Mr Firtash has been actively investing in chemical businesses and has built up a significant portfolio of interests in titanium, soda ash and mineral fertilisers. In 2004, his chemicals assets were consolidated into OSTCHEM holding company.


In 2007, Mr Firtash founded Group DF, a private international group of companies formed to ensure effective management of his assets in the energy, chemicals and real estate sectors.


Over the last two decades, Mr Firtash has become one of leading investors in the energy and chemicals sectors in Eastern and Central Europe. In 2011-2012, he expanded his business interests into new segments including banking and agriculture.


Mr Firtash is one of Ukraine’s most prominent philanthropists providing systemic support to education, science, theaters and museums, historical, cultural and humanitarian projects. For more information on charitable activities of Mr Firtash please visit the FIRTASH Foundation website.


In 2011, Mr Firtash was elected President of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine. He is also Chairman of the National Tripartite Social and Economic Council (NTSEC), Co-Chairman of Domestic and Foreign Investors Advisory Council under the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, as well as member of the Committee for Economic Reforms under the President of Ukraine.


Please see more information about Dmitry Firtash on his Personal Website.

Robert Shetler-Jones
Deputy Chairman of the Group
Supervisory Council
Boris Krasnyansky
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Group Supervisory Council
Lord Oxford
Member of the Group Supervisory Council,
Member of the Audit Committee

Robert Shetler-Jones began his business career in Kyiv in 1991 as the founder of BPI, a consultancy, offering advisory services to facilitate business between the UK and Ukraine.


In 1993-1994, Mr Shetler-Jones managed the Kyiv office of Jones East 8, the real estate agency practice. In 1994, he became the joint Managing Director of DG Jones & Partners, Kyiv, one of the leading international Quantity Surveying practices.


In 1997-1999, Mr Shetler-Jones worked for Commonwealth Property Investors, an affiliate of AEW International, as Project Coordinator for a US$50 million private equity fund that invested in property developments in the Former Soviet Union.


In 2000, Mr Shetler-Jones became General Director of Dniprovska Prystan, a property development company in Kyiv, and was responsible for managing a US$100 million residential project on behalf of UK and Ukrainian investors. Following that, he became Director of Sabre Management Group, a specialist hotel development company in the Former Soviet Union.


Later, Mr Shetler-Jones became Managing Director of RSJ Erste GmbH, an investment company owning chemical production assets in Ukraine, Germany and Italy, including soda ash and titanium dioxide. RSJ Erste is now part of OSTCHEM, a subsidiary of Group DF.


Mr Shetler-Jones was CEO of Group DF from its inception in 2007 to August 2012, and became Member of the Group Supervisory Council in September 2012.


Mr Shetler-Jones is also founder and Chairman of Scythian Limited, a consultancy advising businesses on structuring of corporate acquisitions in the Former Soviet Union.


Mr Shetler-Jones graduated from the University of Surrey with a B.Sc. Honours, in Linguistic and International Studies in 1991. He is a fluent Russian speaker.

Boris Krasnyansky was appointed CEO of Group DF in September 2012.


Before joining Group DF, Mr Krasnyansky worked for more than 15 years at PwC. For the last 7 years he held the position of a Managing Partner of PwC Ukraine as well as the Chairman of Partner Council of PwC in the CEE and CIS region, which includes 29 countries.


During 2003-2005, Mr Krasnyansky was the Chairman of the Executive Board of IFD Kapital, one of the largest investment and financial groups in Russia.


In 2006-2012, Mr Krasnyansky was member of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, including two years as Chairman of ACC Board of Directors.


Earlier, Mr Krasnyansky was the Leader of Management Consulting Services of PwC in Russia and Ukraine. In this role he also was the Head of Strategic Consulting for PwC in the CEE region, and a member of the Global Advisory Board of PwC Consulting.


Mr Krasnyansky received degrees in Economics and Information Technology from the Kyiv Institute of National Economy as well as a postgraduate degree in Industrial Economics.

Raymond Benedict Asquith, 3rd Earl of Oxford and Asquith, is a British peer and a former diplomat.


Lord Oxford was educated at Ampleforth College, York, and at Balliol College, Oxford. He joined Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service in 1979 and remained a serving diplomat until 1997. As well as postings in London at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Cabinet Office, he served as First Secretary at the British Embassy in Moscow from 1983-1985, and Counsellor at the British Embassy in Kiev from 1992-1997. Oxford was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1987.


Lord Oxford is now a non-executive director of JKX Oil & Gas Plc, and is also active in various commercial and charitable organizations in Ukraine.

Ilya Ushanov
Group Corporate Secretary

Ilya Ushanov holds the position of the Group Corporate Secretary at Group DF.


Mr Ushanov graduated from the Moscow State University in 2000, obtaining a degree in Law.


Having joined the Group in 2001, Mr Ushanov has 12 years of experience in the legal sphere.